Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black and White Flowers

Flowers look beautiful in colors. They carry their own importance with their colorful aura. But there have been times when people have captured their moods in black or white either by means of painting or photography. Black and white flowers shell out the texture, patterns and other angles of beauty when there are no colors to distract. These black and white flowers portray the exact sentiments about themselves once the colors are gone.

Black and white flowers portfolios help to study floral patterns of roses, orchids, callas, tulips, amaryllis and many more. Flowers look bright with their colors as it adds vibrancy to their look and feel and it takes a lot to shoot a flower in black and white for the picture to pull it off.

Floral photography mainly aims to capture the beauty of flower and to depict various moods by the means of its colors and shadows. Black and white flowers help to showcase diversity and design of a natural structure. They also negate the fact that colors are the only important thing about flowers. Shape and texture of petals too can make a wonderful photo to admire. Thus black and white flowers allow us to see those characteristics that are ordinarily masked by their overwhelming beauty of colors. It can prove to be an amazing medium when used correctly.

Apart from photography black and white flowers have been used in jewelry designs as well. Use of black and white has been a preferred combination in jewelry and depicting the designs by the means of black and flowers creates the enigma for feminine tastes. World renowned jeweler like Swarovski has also appreciated the beauty of black and white flowers in jewelry. The necklace made by Ileana Creation in Naples with Swarovski crystals has been widely appreciated worldwide and has been sold in all the designer stores.

Apart from photography and jewelry, another arena has been painting where artists have appreciated the beauty of black and white flowers. Quite similar to photography black and white flowers have been used to depict many moods and shades of human nature. Painters and artists have used black and white flowers to portray the varieties of nature without distracting the viewer with flamboyance of colors. It has been their way of stating facts and nature in a plain simple manner.

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