Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lotus Flower Tattoos

Tattoo is derived from tatn or taken, in Tahitian language, means to mark or to strike. Tattoos, as understood arrantly stand for a design made permanently on the human skin with ink or any other pigment. Goring along with the craze that rises with passage of time as changes accompanying the rise in population rise, tattoos are sported by one and all in gay abandon, with each passing day promising novelty and exquisiteness in the designs of these tattoos. Lotus flower tattoos become the center point of attention, if not attractions and reflect the genre of the person sporting it. From a person steeped deeply in mythological beliefs to the caught in the quagmire of modernity, lotus flower tattoos have their own impact. What was once the source of, identify of a person in a sect has now become an item of fashion.

The relevance of sporting lotus flower tattoos has its genesis in the widespread nations and beliefs that center on the lotus flower. The flower originates from the bottom of a pond amidst muck and mud only to grow and rise to become an object of great beauty.

Hinduism and Buddhism see it as an awakening towards spiritual realities and the accompanying pursuits. Lotus flowers tattoos for such people signify the same. Lotus flower tattoos symbolize the struggle of life in its most basic form as also of those people who have made big through perseverance and determination after passing through hard times that are overcome. Lotus represents estranged love and the empty yearning that gets associated with it. Thus a lotus flower tattoos are often worn by a section of people who have felt it at some point of time in their lives.

In Japan, lotus flower tattoos assume different meanings. As a complement to koifish which is found in a pond in front of the temple, lotus flourishes in the pond. Tattoo artists in Japan use both lotus flower tattoos and koifish tattoos. Both represent great strength and individuality of the person sporting it. Birth and beauty are believed to be symbolized by the lotus flower in the Hindu mythology. Worshippers, of the goddess of wealth who is believed, to have emerged from the lotus sport lotus flower tattoos to show this.

Whether people subscribe to modern thoughts or mythological beliefs, whether people are primitive in their hiving or trendy in the way they dress and move about, lotus flower tattoos have becomes favorite. Technologies have been evolved for their creation and design. Don�t be surprised if in the coming days, lotus flower tattoos could be a source of identification. People would crowd more before a person making lotus flower tattoos than the one setting lotus flowers

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