Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How To Plant Grass

Grasses have a place in the design of things that get related to nature. They beautify the exterior of the house and also give a plushy appearance to the exterior of the house. They play a pivotal role in the sustenance of ecological equilibrium by maintaining the food chain cycle and becoming a veritable habitat for birds. Moreover, grasses add to the landscaping beauty when seen wild. Hence, how to plant grass becomes a moot question that needs to be answered for those concerned with the presentation of nature and sustenance of ecology. Several factors and things need to be considered when indulging in the act of how to plant grass. There are suggestions and tips to aid the notice and the inexperienced on how to plant grass. These vary from place to place, climate to climate and have to be flowed with a pinch of salt.

First the types of grasses that relate to seasons. Grasses of cool season type grow not rapidly during spring and early summer when warm days give place to cool nights. Grasses of warm season type grow most rapidly during summer when worm nights replace not days. How to plant grass would relevance to the type of grasses preferred to be grown. The required guidance could be followed. The venture of how to plant grass would bear fruition.

Next is the condition of the place where the activity of how to plant grass has to be initiated. Problems like those of potential weeding, drainage, erosion potential, types of soil, et al, have to be reckoned when dealing with how to plant grass. Fertilizers, nitrogen, potash, phosphorous enrich the sort. The grass growth is luxuriant on account of the nutrients.

The aspect of seeding is the next important step in the process of knowing how to plant grass. The best time to sow seeds of grass is late summer that is, from mid August to mid � September. This period is ideal for germination and growth. There are fewer weeds that could go simultaneously. This contrasts heavily with planting grass seeds during spring time wherein high summer temperatures and weeds could hinder growth.

The idea of having a green lawn makes the matter of how to plant grass all the more relevant. Addition of grass takes place through seeding, that is, laying out chunks of turf containing healthy grass plants, and adding plugs and sprigs, that is transplanting individual grass plants or small sections of grass and soil. Moving, fighting diseases, fighting pests, watering, aerating detaching are final stages of how to plant grass. The grass may be greener on the other side but it can be greener this side too if steps relating to how to plant grass get implemented.

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