Monday, May 17, 2010

Flowers for Mum

MOTHER is the human being that is loved by one all, the world over. Her role of creating and sustaining humans cannot be performed or taken over by others. Her toil, sacrifices, pains, sufferings, inspiration, motivation, all need to be recognized and appreciated. Mother�s Day is set apart every year only for this purpose. And what better way to observe and celebrate Mother�s Day than by doing it through flowers. Flowers for mum, yes the idea has caught fancy and is being implemented in some manner or the other. Flowers for mum would be a delightful sight and an effective way to convey feelings and sentiments.

Flowers for mum come in attractive and pleasing arrangements which reflect the handiwork of the florist behind them. Mothers need not be felicitated only on Mother�s Day. Love has no seasons. And flowers are in bloom throughout the year. Flowers for mum have the characteristic of being perennial in this respect. And dear mum would be flowering in full spirits and to the best of her blooming capacity, all out to give strength, spread cheer and be the sheet anchor of the home and family that she represents and symbolizes. How is this arrangement of flowers brought about? Flowers for mum come in myriad forms.

The florists need to be sounded along with primary specifications, basic details and other relevant information. Flowers for mum would constitute roses that have become symbolic of expressions of love, concern and care for the other person. Tulips along with daffodils, iris, pot chrysanthemums, freesia, lily the lovely, are placed to brighten the environment with the odd appearance of foliage plants that are placed even in the arrangement. Flowers for mum could come in the form of mixed bouquets or carnations. An appropriate and well worded message would be the jewel in the crown. When delivered in time, flowers for mum would catapult mummy to heights of bliss, joy, comfort. She would be touched by the gesture, charged to deliver even more and assured by others that her existence is not in vain!

Flowers for mum signify another correlation between flowers and mothers. Both recreate life, albeit differently. Both give out fragrance and brightness to other around. Both perform their roles in silence, without a murmur, accepting the viciousness of life, so to say. Flowers for mum would in fact be the conjunction of one form of love with the other. Flowers for mum would therefore not only serve as a source of providing joy to mum and expressing gratitude, but also serve as an object lesson for the rest to become either of them flowers or mum-in behavior and conduct !

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