Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flowers for Algernon Lesson Plan Material

Flowers for Algernon lesson plan happen to be that in the objective of improving reading skills and comprehension. The plan is activity based and through group involvements the learner traces the talks and assignments to the originating concepts. The students enjoy doing these tasks and at the same time are in a portion to synthesize their knowledge of the novel through the careful examination of the text and creating a visual representation. Flowers for Algernon lesson plan material, is prepared on this premise.

Flowers for Algernon lesson plan material has been prepared by Michelle Heisler who has a penchant for teaching gifted and talented children and has undergone specialized courses in this field. Flowers for Algernon lesson plan material comprise 30 pages of reading in each lesson, not all of them are of equal length. 15 minutes of work prior to reading are assigned which relate to review of study questions and familiarization of difficult words as part a vocabulary build up. The study located in the test. They come in two formats namely short answer type and multiple choice types. There are three writing assignments in each unit which are expected to make the student express personal opinions. Now fiction reading assignment followed by an oral presentation of it would make the student adept in the art of public speaking apart from equipping them with a wealth of information. Each unit has additional support materials like healthy suggestions for creation and maintenance of in class library, ideas that could find place in bulletin boards.

Flowers for Algernon lesson plan material are prepared with well laid objectives. They start with the idea of IQ test and assess their relevance, aims, being a boon or a bane to the development of skills. Then the students are made critically analyze the pros and cons of the protagonist, Charlie�s operation, so that they would be in a position to work independently and cooperatively in creating roles and identities within the small groups. Then the analysis of daily advertisements begins by the students coming out with a presentation of an illustration of a piece of propaganda or an advertisement as if they were presenting a commercial.

The students would be in a position to display the knowledge they have learnt about the characters and plot from the text and classroom discussion vocabulary would be used, ideas broadened and power of communication and convincing would accompany these presentation. Thus the ability to read about and home the skills of articulation would be displayed.

Flowers for Algernon lesson plan material is a schematic process wherein the reading, comprehending, analyzing and delivering abilities are sustained and sharpened in phases. Modern teaching methods would have an advantage by talking a cue or two from flowers for Algernon lesson plan material.

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