Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flower Power

That flower power stands for power in flower might sound sensible at foist sight but flower power connotes something different. Flowers power has different meanings in contexts that vary from place to place.

First is the Australian environment. Flower poser is the name given to a popular chain of nine retail gardening complexes that thrive in the land of the Marsupial. Their power in a flower is manifest in the vast and exhaustive range of plants and merchandise that are associated with gardens and outdoors. It is virtually a paradise for gardener and a horticulturist. The power in flower could not have been more amazing.

In the arena of computer games that have become a sort of addiction for children and grown ups, flower power is one such game. The power that puzzles the player in having to arrange the flowers together in order to eliminate them from the board is to be experienced. Anti-theses of the �United we stand� principle!

Flower power is an idea relating to flowers birthday parties. In such parties flowers bloom and surface. Roses, pansies and daisies celebrate a year of their growth, so to say, right at the grassroots level. This idea would specially appeal to children who would have their hands filled with flowers with some amount of hands on experience in gardening. The party would have special flavor when each of the �kid� guests in the party would be asked to transplant a small portion of the plant into a little pot to take home. The amount of care and attendance that would follow is best left to imagination.

Flower power is the colloquial description of the flower market in Delhi. Considered to be the largest flower market in flower market in Asia, flower power is seen in the way cut flowers that constitute a majority and marigold are procured from Kolkata and worked out. The space near Hanuman temple, around the spacebar, is the field for display of flower power. Flower power is the �Power� to perform ceremonies and worship as also to decorate vases with the usage of flowers.

Flower power thus enshrines the power in a flower which gets manifest to the delight of one and all. How one wishes this flower power to engulf the word displacing the power that causes fear and dread? If flower power were to be really there would be pollination and no pollution, cheer and no chaos. Wishful thinking!

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