Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flower Poems

Poems have had their own appeal since times immemorial. All thoughts, emotions, sentiments, get duly expressed in poems. Flowers poems have their own hold on the minds of people, be they students or persons hailing from all walks of life. Flower poems serve as way to allure to various other ideas for the sake of understanding and comprehension. Many profound and abstract notions are lucidly explained through simple written flower poems.

Flower poems are specially liked by children. All physical objects that a child can see, imagine and correlate have their allergies or equivalents in flower poems. Children naturally wonder at the sun, moon, stars, rainbow, rain, etc. Linking other ideas to these attractive things from the point of view of making the child understand and retain concepts gets facilitated.

Flowers are loved by children and they are equally comfortable with flower poems as well. The rhythms, the beat, the symmetry all these make children enjoy rewriting poems. So it requires no imagination to conclude that flower poems appeal the most to children. As if providing a visual appeal to the contents and sentiments of the poems, children love to put on a fancy dress that represents the character or thing in the poem. In this way flower poems create an impact on the tender and impressionable impact on the minds of the children.

Flower poems also kindle the fire of imagination in the minds of the children. Comparisons, similes, metaphors alliterations and other figures of speech make the base of the notions of nature and her forms. Children grow up retaining these ideas only to be supplemented or reinforced by illustrations and visuals.

Flowers have been a prolific subject for poets. They have given outlet to their feelings and thus flower poems came into being. A few flower poems written during war times have also inspired generations of soldiers and patriots fighting for their motherland. Flower poems are like small children and great persons. They show simplicity and conceal profundity. They make people come close to nature and appreciate her beauty. Flower poems cater to the requirements of imagination for it to widen. Wouldn�t reading and enjoying flower poems be in place today�s chaotic fast pace life?

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