Monday, May 3, 2010

Care for Roses

The sight of roses is indeed delightful but it is not as rosy as it appears. To be so far as striking a relationship with it concerned. No, it is not the thorns but the care for roses that is being talked about here. Just as pets and children care for roses is equally important and the demand is quite justified. Care for roses spans stages from feeding, pruning, seasonal care, protection from pests, diseases, etc and so on.

Food is required in large numbers to whet the appetite of the hungry roses. The food should be rich in phosphorous content. In order that water and fertilizer constituent get retained, the soil should be made better in content. Thus care for roses can be done with the usage of manure, mushroom compost and other additives of organic characteristics. Using compost, in particular, would enrich the soil in nutrients along with beneficial microbes the more soil is loose and fluffy, better are the chances for the roses to flourish. Weeding out the unwanted wild plants is another way to care for roses.

Just as trimming and pruning is an integral part of human fitness, same goes in for the roses as well. Care for roses is found wanting if pruning of roses is not attached. Pruning is done when begin to show new signs of growth which is visible when tiny swelled red buds appear during early spring. Trimming takes place by cutting the rose bush back to the size ranging from a third to half of the original, depending upon how high a rose bush ought to be. Pruning is best done during each fall so as to ensure new growth. During spring, cut out the old stems leaving out the new un-flowered new canes.

Removal of bugs and pests is the next step to care for roses. A garden hose would suffice to remove the aphids and small insects off the leaves. The affected areas ought to be covered. Ideally, spraying the plant early in the day would ensure sufficient time for water to evaporate before the sun�s heat intensifies. Alternatively, insecticidal sop could also be used to spray the top and the bottom of the leaves.

Roses need adequate sunlight of six hours a day. They loathe a close neighborhood and require enough space for sufficient air circulation. Care for roses varies during summer, fall and winter season. It is not for nothing that a rose blooms and causes joy to one and all. Care for roses might not be cozy but can become rosy if adequate steps are followed.

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