Sunday, May 2, 2010

Calla Lily or Navy Flower Wedding Bouquet

Most of the brides use the color of the dresses of their bridesmaids that go in harmony with their own bridal gowns. Thus the bouquets held by the bridesmaid hold equal importance as the brides own bouquet. Calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet is one of the bridal bouquets that are usually used to match the bridal gowns or the color of the bridesmaids� clothing. Calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet aptly suits the bouquet held by the bridesmaid while walking down the aisle.

Till date, many brides choose their wedding themes as the traditional ones. In case of English wedding theme the locations are usually the Garden, Home, Historic Site or Country Inn. At all these locations multiple colors are usually present in the backdrop. Thus the colors opted for the wedding flowers are pink, green, lavender, blue, yellow or white. Thus calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet usually matches with either the bridal bouquet or the bouquet held by the bridesmaid. In this theme most commonly used flowers are ivy, lily of the valley, lilac, roses, iris, hyacinth, tulip, etc. Most of these flowers are available in shades of white, blue, lavender, etc. They very well settle with the attire done in organza as well as with all the floral arrangements, wreath, basket bouquets, etc.

Even with the wedding theme of Black and White where the venue is usually the church, hall, ballroom, country club or museum, calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet can be easily used amongst the wedding flower arrangements. The colors used are black and white and the flowers are calla lilies, gardenia, orchids, and stephanotis. The bridesmaids are usually dressed in black, grey, navy blue, whites or off-whites.

The calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet is more aptly suited in the nautical wedding theme. In this them use of blue and white colors is more profound. The locations are also chosen as the yacht club, lakeside, beach or any resort. Red colors also used in this wedding theme therefore the most commonly used flowers are lilies, carnations and violets. Attire chosen is of sailor collars, stripes, linen, cotton, etc. The special touches are added with balloons, streamers, confetti, American Flag, tent and fireworks.

Choosing a florist your wedding is an important job. One that is experienced and has already done jobs for previous wedding is always helpful. These florists can also help in choosing realistic silk flowers for all of the bridal party, church and the reception. Such florists usually provide a wonderful assortment of calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet is asked for either in natural flowers or in silk. Some of the florists also provide services for having the bridal flowers pressed that would be preserved for the lifetime. Calla lily or navy flower wedding bouquet is one such choice of unique bouquet that can be asked for to be preserved by the bride as the identity of the most precious moment in the lifetime.

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