Monday, May 24, 2010

Artificial Orchids or Artificial Flowers

Beauty goes with things that are natural but at times artificial things can also be beautiful. Artificial orchids or artificial flowers are one such example of the stated fact. No, this is not an extract of salesmen trying to woo customers in the midst of a stiff competition and feverish pitch. On the contrary, it emanates from the mouth of a home maker who creates magic and elicits �vows� from the visitors and onlookers using ordinary, simple, affordable, and basic material resources.

Artificial orchids or artificial flowers are the domain that has caught attention and fancy of housewives and professionals interested and keen to make big in the arena of interior decoration. The aspect of artificiality gets obscured by the way the pieces are arranged. Exquisite colors, graceful and symmetric formation, embossed petals coupled with the varied presentations and combinations are enough to lend the aesthetic charm to the environs.

Artificial orchids or artificial flowers can be made from the leaf of a rubber tree. The marvelous thing about them is that they can be represented in a single vase made complementary materials like crystals, marbles or pebbles which when set in clear resin so as to give an illusory impression of fresh water enhances the elegance and appeal of the arrangement. A distinct feature of this arrangement is that it can be as per the person�s specification as regards to stones� colors, crystal colors, vases etc. Flowers can be varied with permutation and combination. There are potted ones that are alterable as per individual tastes and choices.

Artificial orchids or artificial flowers are supplied by Thai as they find good patronage in Thailand and adjoining areas. Cymbidium, dendrobium and phalaenophium orchids are common place to find artificial orchids. Wasana farm abounds in large varieties of perennial plants that are of medium size and found in tropical regions. Commonly referred to as Plumeria, they are characterized by big, green leaves. Their flowers are neatly bundled in bouquets that give out rich aroma. Apart from domestic varieties, hybrid versions from abroad too find favors amongst the people.

Luna clay is used for sandalwood plant grown in Central Thailand, is another resource material that is used for making artificial flowers, on account of its brown skin and soft tissue. Artificial orchids or artificial flowers best grace the arrangements on the center of the table during weddings, parties, functions and ceremonies. Artificial orchids or artificial flowers are found in potted types in lavender, pink or white with cream center. The base could be a ceramic pot.

By designing the vase or the rock background, various designs are given to artificial flowers and orchids. Clothes, foam and paper are other raw materials from which artificial orchids or artificial flowers could be made. When combined with a string of lights, artificial orchids or artificial flowers create the added effect. All in all, artificial flowers and orchids have nothing of artificial in them .The Thai concept has crept out and into the decor homes and offices with accompanying craftsmanship only to assume forms that are tasteful and fragrant.


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