Tuesday, May 25, 2010

April Flowers

April is no time to fool around with April flowers although the month begins with the Fool�s day. Sustaining what has been sown and sowing what needs to be sustained during the entire season beginning with summer are the prime activities.

Aligning with the curtailment of cold and the lengthening of the day, with of course, frost being taken care of the sight that cheers is that of flowering cherry trees in pink of their spirits and the April flowers.
Amongst the April flowers, Lombarg Poplar Cherry is the variety that suits the gardens although the big gardens too have appropriate cherry trees. As a forerunner to the summer season, different shrubs display flowers with characteristic colors. Pale pink flowers offspring from magnolias, golden flowers become the ornament of the brooms while tiny yellow flowers on elegant arching stems become the hallmark of berberis.

April is essentially the month of what has been sown last and the April flowers typically depict the same. Tall and lasting plants like peonies which give out substantial bloom needs to be supported most at this time of the year. Protection, too, needs to be extended to the lily and shoots that are hosts to parasites. This is also the season to sow the pods for tulips and daffodils which become faded.

Wild flowers are also April flowers as they abound in fields and natural places in a bright array of blossoms. So far as deciding what to sow in between the April flowers, the choice is narrowed to the annuals that refer to flowers that last for only one growing season and the more hard perennials which grow for years subject to proper cultivation. Although transient have blossoms that grow and last for a long time during the growing season. They also require management on a small scale. Rose is an example of perennial and is a classic example of blooming beauty.

Strawberries, Siberian irises, lilacs, Forsyth are some of the examples of April flowers. These April flowers bloom and flourish spring forth resurrecting as it were, to make the occasion of Easter truly holy. Also, �April flowers� is another popular name in Dublin for the florist well renowned since last 15 years. It was established by Ann Prigmore working from home but now it has become her full time profession and full thriving business. They are known for having wide range of potted plants to compliment any occasion.

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