Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lake Arrowhead Daffodil Garden

Daffodils have a mysterious and strange origin. A bulb that is ordinary and humble looking transforms into a beautiful flowering unit that not only dazzles the viewer but also enshrines a principle that has an everlasting feature. Lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden is the saga of how a step taken with patience and on a steady basis gives rise to fruitful results that were hardly imagined. Through sustained and perseverant efforts, each accompanied by hope and assurance what seems trifle assumes an awesome dimension. Lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden apathy substantiates this.

It is the story of a woman of ordinary intellect who embarks on a venture of planting a daffodil bulb one at a time. Beginning almost half a century back, 50,000 bulbs were planted and the result was the decking of the mountain slopes and peak with flowers that were planted in majestic, swirling patterns, great ribbons and swaths of deep orange, white, lemon yellow, salmon pink, saffron and bulb yellow. Each different colored variety was planted as a group. It resembled like a river with its own unique hue, swirling and flowing. This is how Lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden is described. Truly eye catching and enchanting!

Apart from the visual beauty provided, Lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden also conveys a cardinal principle in a subtle manner. First to have a vision which contemporaries and the peer hardly share is itself unwelcome. To give furious to that vision in an obscure place, with no one to support is still more unwelcome. On top of it, to have the drive, the determination, the will power to prod on unmindful of the hurdles and the obstacles that dot the path coupled with patience, hops, cheers and self confidence, is something desirable and needed.

The old woman�s efforts reflect this message in Lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden. No one had known or heard of her. The place was unknown. Neither was there a desire for fame, recognition, reward, appreciation. Not even an ordinary acknowledgement. But the transformation that ensured was enough to elicit a �vow� from onlookers and viewers that were held in awe and wonder.

The learning of moving forward towards our goals one step at a time and multiplication of tinny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort yields magnificent accomplishment of things that could change the world is truly invaluable. Although Lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden is situated near Arrowhead Lake in south California, lake Arrowhead Daffodil garden as a lesson has no fixed lace. Its present everywhere!

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  1. you should mention her name Julie Greer and her husband Tom