Friday, April 16, 2010

Knock Out Roses

People love roses. Yes the appearance of a rose is truly bewitching. So loving roses follows naturally. The second reason why roses are loved is because of low costs incurred by way of maintenance and care. Knockout roses became the cause of this preference. As compact shrubs that occupy less space, knockout roses became feasible for growth and cultivation. Knockout roses are also disease resistant. Blooming is the trait that sets knockout roses apart from the rest.

By properly selecting and placing the knockout roses, the garden would be full of blooms and made vibrant. No other rose variety would �invade the garden� to such an extent. The bloom starts early in the spring and continues till the first hard frost of the fall. Practically throughout the year, blooms are seen and felt.

Another remarkable feature of knockout roses is that they require very low maintenance. The �plant it and forget it� maxim applies to knockout roses. Four hours of sun would suffice for a knockout rose when six hours are required for other type of roses. Moist, well drained sorts suit the growth. Humidity is no inhibiting factor the growth of a knockout rose when most other roses need spray. Knockout roses are winter hardy and can survive even in windy conditions with the petals falling neat.

The plus point in having knockout roses is that they are resistant to black spots. Besides, they are drought tolerant, mildew tolerant and are self cleaning in nature. For a rose garden that ought to be trouble free, knockout roses become good choices. Moreover, they are great plants for hedge, border or foundation planting. Knockout roses come in two colors red and blushing pink. The red variety is noticeable through fore engine red blooms in cool weather and cherry red ones in summer months. The foliage is dark purple green and turns to burgundy in the fall. The blush pink variety is known for blooms that are powerful pink. Leaves are mossy green with blue hues.

Knockout roses are resistant to insects with their tough blooms and still tougher foliage. Their orange red hips last into winter and attract birds. Knockout roses are here to stay. With amazing blooming capabilities, resistant to drought, tolerant of mild dew, summer and winter low maintenance, disease and insect resistant, is it any wonder that gardeners and rose lovers are knocked out by knockout roses? What is in a name? A rose by any other name would smell equally sweet�, this Shakespearean phrase will have to be modified or else��

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