Saturday, April 17, 2010

Indoor Plant Growing

Nature is imminent. It is we who have built walls and enclosures around and labeled the environs as outdoor and indoor. Living in confinement can be horrible, although it is living for everything that is born free and yearns to live free. The very idea of indoor plant growing might seem offending and revolting but with controlled conditions, scientific methods and with prudent measures, indoor plant growing can be made fruitful with plants rehashing the growing and human beings enjoying the growth.

Usually it is winter that creates the urge towards indoor plant growing. The idea is not new for specific reasons as medicinal or culinary nature indoor plant growing was practiced in times of yore. Now, indoor plant growing has become part of interior decoration of house and office. But certain steps will have to be meticulously followed, else plants would perish. The first relates to creating conditions that are identical with those of nature.

As one becomes homesick when put in alien �situations�, �artificial� conditions like those of indoors. Although it would take some time for it to �naturalize�, the growth would not be the same as that in natural conditions. It would be feeble and mal nutritional. The next step would be to create sufficient light for plants to make food. Photosynthesis is the process whereby the plant prepares the food. The rooms should be any with sufficient amount of light. Indoor plant growing entails selection of healthy plants like Chinese evergreen, cast iron plants, Birds nest fern. Temperature is another sector that merits consideration as plants flourish much better at their natural temperature. Humidity is another governing factor which can be created and regulated.

The quality of soil, in terms of it being rich in organic material and free from pests and insects, is of paramount importance. Packaged commercial mixes would suffice. Another aspect of indoor plant growing is cleaning. Dust, greasy films not only make the appearance of indoor plants dull, they hinder their growth. Clean leaves are favorable to growth of indoor plants. The size of the containers should be correct for the plant. Too large or too small containers present an unbalanced appearance.

Indoor plant growing is best affected when porous pots that are made of clay are used. Indoor plant growing should contain tropical plants that humidify the air and clean it of gaseous pollutants. Too much of water would water indoor plant growing. Thus indoor plant growing becomes manageable on following the above steps.

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