Thursday, April 29, 2010

Identify Flowers

Flowers are the gifts of nature but human beings have weaved beliefs around them and created families on the basis of characteristics and patterns that are common to certain plants and flowers. That is how the way to identify flowers began. Each family has a sub family and botanists find this classification useful in their research and studies. At the same time respect for flowers has developed. Were it not the need to identify flowers, awareness and knowledge of flowers would not have grown as is seen now. Common names would enable a layman to easily identify flowers whereas scientific names that are mostly in Latin, as per the convention, since inception, would aid the botanists and horticulturists to identify flowers but would become Greek and Latin for a layman.

Be as it may, what matter is how we identify flowers. Their habit, place of origin, seasonality, the climatic conditions conducive to their growth or otherwise, the requirements for their growth, the myths that centre on these flowers, all these come uppermost in one�s mind when flowers are identified. For appropriate floral arrangements relative to the occasions, the need to identify flowers is acute and requires a sound knowledge and understanding. But a florist need not be a botanist.

The Peruvian lily is known for its year round seasonality with the availability reaching the peak during May and June. This information a florist would be able to come out with easily, owing to the ability to identify flowers. Likewise, a rose is easily identifiable physically. However, different colors stand for different values as per the prevalent beliefs. Pink symbolizes grace, red love, desire, white regard and yellow friendship. They are available throughout the year for the same variety at different times of the year there can be differences in size and color.

When we identify flowers, we come a cross several supplementary information. Flamingo flower, a tail flower, symbolizes warmth hospitality. It is also commonly known as the �heart of Hawaii�. Daffodils stand for uncertainty, misleading hope, regard, chivalry. Heather, a wild flower, stands for admiration and solitude when they are in lavender, in while they signify protections and wishes coming true. They are available during November to April in peak supplies and in limited supply from August to October. Thus when we identify flowers we invariably have all such information. It surely is advantageous to identify flowers. When we identify flowers we not only enjoy living in them but become aware of them.

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