Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heather Wedding Bouquet

Heather is an evergreen shrub that yields purple bell shaped flowers. Like all flowers, flowers from heather are fought after and liked. Their shape and color harmonizes with other flowers when arranged to form a Heather wedding bouquet. Bell shaped flowers do not make the bouquet out of shape and neither does the purple color of the flower. Stems of the shrub do find their utility in the making of a heather wedding bouquet. Heather wedding bouquet has come to be acclaimed and recognized.

Heather wedding bouquet is sought after as it has an element of personalization. Heather wedding bouquet was conceived during an occasion that was of wedding but not in the way weddings these days are though of. A bouquet was made in home with flowers and stems of the heather shrub grown wild. Perhaps awareness and availability of bouquets were scant with friends and members of the family contributing physically as also with ideas and inputs, a beautiful bouquet was made which was special as it contained the warmth of love and feelings collectively poured in by well wishers. Later, the bouquet was severed and parts distributed to the well wishers by the grateful and the gratified couple.

Heather wedding bouquets acquired a commercial outlet but it enunciated the message of wedding ceremony turning out to be sweeter when the members of community come together although it is the demonstration and culmination of true love that is shared and sustained by two individuals.

Since the element of the personal touch is there, the time and season in which wedding ceremonies are conducted hardly matter. Heather wedding bouquet reflects this thought. As if displaying the quality of adjustability and accommodation, heather wedding bouquet is made of heather stems and bell shaped purple flowers, in combination with roses, lilies, orchids and daisies, each flower standing for a certain human quality.

A splash of the color of the season or those that are complementary to the colors that are worn or chosen by the bride would further enhance the elegance of the heather wedding bouquet. Whether it is winter, spring or the fall, the heather is there to fend for anything short in availability of flowers and fulfill the requirements of flower lovers because of the evergreen feature just like everything else in creation, what matters is the overall utility and standing up to the occasion. The heather wedding bouquet seems to exemplify this. The personal touch that a heather wedding bouquet reflects in value addition to the collection of wedding bouquets with the HEATHER all set to HEAT HER. Isn�t this the essence of any wedding?

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