Friday, April 23, 2010

Hawaiian Flower Leis

Hawaii islands are a group of islands in the North Pacific and come under US control. Like everything that is Hawaiian be it culture, language, beliefs, cuisine, mannerisms, traditions and customs, Hawaiian flower leis are known for their exquisite charm and specific traits from the native islands, Hawaiian flower leis have traveled places and become known among flower lovers. People take interest and evince keenness to known more about Hawaiian flower leis.

Known in Hawaiian dialect as �Lei� it is believed that the early settlers brought flowering plants to be used as items for adornment. Gods were propriated through Hawaiian flowers during solemn religious ceremonies. It was believed that Hawaiian flowers carry divine blessings and so farmers of the time adorned themselves with Hawaiian flowers leis. Expectant mothers were them so that they could take advantage of life symbolizing power. Hawaiian flowers leis thus had an initial touch of tradition.

Tradition has given way to expressions of emotions and sentiments when viewed from the way Hawaiian flower leis are used. �Lei� which stands for wreath or an arrangement made of flowers and leaves and generally worn around the neck is used in most of the occasion thus underlining the near indispensability of Hawaiian flowers that are used to create leis.

Hawaiian flower leis lend towards expressions of love, kindness and appreciation. The �I care for you� message on occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, convocations, farewell parties is best conveyed through leis having Hawaiian flowers.

A discernible feature of Hawaiian flower leis that are tropical in nature is their relative durability. They make �Inan� or wedding occasions memorable with their presence. The spirit of aloha is best manifest in Hawaiian flower leis which mean love, peace and stand for greetings of hello and farewell.

The florist combines traditional belief and the state of the art to come out with beautiful Hawaiian flower leis that could make high tech gadgets and cleverly packaged products seen a trifle when given as gift items. Meaning and heartfelt is what leis would embody. The leis come in various designs having flowers that come straight from the farms, freshly out with time, they evolve like everything else.

Generally, affability, friendliness, accommodative, concerned, care, cheer, Godspeed - the Hawaiian flower leis say all of these and much more. In today�s times filled with artificiality, self-centeredness, hollow behaviors not to talk of malevolence and manipulations, Hawaiian flower leis spread goodwill and cheer, as also love and empathy. The images of islands as being a place of isolation, marooning and severance get changed to that of zones of comradeship, kinship oneness. And Hawaiian flower leis have contributed significantly to this.

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