Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gardening Plant Trays

Trays are primarily used to hold mugs, cups, plates, bowls, spoons, Forbes, knives, when serving. For gardening also, special trays are used which have sections or compartments that are wide and deep, with small pores. Ridges separate the compartments. The base metal is not heavy so caring them is easy. Gardening plant trays have become an essential device for transplanting saplings and plants from one place to another. Through them transplant operation becomes easy and less risky. The set up is not disturbed gardening plant trays facilitate creating conditions similar to the ones before, during transit.

With the passage of time and with improvement in gardening methods, gardening plant trays have assumed different forms and have become plant specific. They are used as per the needs of the plants. Gardening plant trays serve two purposes. They hold the plant and lend support to the soil base so that the soil does not break away resulting in the death of the plant. Secondly they have sieves and pores so that water flows down through them but just enough to keep the moisture and humidity intact. The plant would not feel the effects of transshipment caused by transplant. Do human beings have the same comfort when on transfer? The common form of a gardening plant tray is the plastic one. This is suitable to grow new plants. The trays have the properly of being watertight to facilitate this growth.

The next type of gardening plant tray is the self watering tray. As the name implies, there is an auto watering arrangement by capillary action. These trays have an inner platform containing capillary matting water in the reservoir is sucked and plant pots on the matting are assured of water supply. Seed trays can be watered similarly all the year round. Super model is another among gardening plant trays that allows a number of plants to be watered. The large volume of water would maintain most plants which would take care of a fortnight�s absence. Gravel trays form another model wherein localized humid conditions to plants on them. They are black watertight trays and come in three sizes. They are ideal for gravel clay granules or capillary matting which aid in providing localized humid conditions.

There are large self watering window sill trays in which plants are watered for two weeks. The capillary matting would act as a wick. Only the reservoir needs to be filled with water. For narrow window sill, suitable trays can be made which ensures that plants receive the water they need. Gardening plant trays thus afford watering of plants even when we are not there. Plants grow and develop in them when the doctor is not there; the muses provide care and attention to the sick patients. When the gardener is not there, gardening plant trays do the job.

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