Thursday, April 8, 2010

FTD Flowers

Networking as a concept as well as mode of operations has worked well and has spread covering all areas of business. Household commodities, provisions, office equipments, et al, get traded via the net. How can flowers become an exception? FTD is the agency that trades in flowers making it a flowering trade over the years since its inception in 1910.FTD flowers is the nomenclature that flowers traded via the FTD acquires. FTD flowers are not distinct from the rest of the species created by nature. There may not be any specialty ab-initio. But the receiver notes the specialty upon receiving FTD flowers.

What is FTD? In the given context and from the layman's point of view, FTD could be understood as meaning Floral Trade Delivery. In simple terms, a network connecting persons and organizations that is concerned with procuring, arranging and delivering flowers to recipients in accordance with their specifications, choices, preferences and requirements. It is a forerunner to customization in modern parlance. The resultant floral arrangement gets branded and marketed as FTD flowers. Over the years, FTD flowers have a niche in the trade and the floral zone. Patronage and passion for these flowers seem to be mounting as years go by.

A group of enterprising florists founded the FTD. Over the years, it burgeoned to encompass 20,000 North American retail florists in addition to its spread to 154 countries involving 50,000 florists that get linked to one another in a network. Flowers or their arrangement is the common thread binding them. FTD flowers become a source of identity, an index of reorganization.

FTD flowers get ordered and processed through the net. Physical delivery is at the destination and to the recipient or the person assigned. Payments could be made on line or at the time of delivery, depending on terms and conditions. FTD flowers are available for all occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations, friendship, arrival of a new baby, expressing concern, Wedding, each of these occasions has a specific FTD flower. Moreover, FTD flowers are also there for condolences Expression of sympathy, regret, expression of gratitude, funeral ceremony.

FTD flowers can also be combined with gifts, cosmetics, fruit baskets, gourmet/food items, garden/horticulture to add variety to spice. FTD flowers offer lucrative business to those trading in them. Handsome commissions and substantial pay offs are earned by agents, florists on easy terms and conditions. The world has changed hell of a lot. Cross pollination has given place to cross-collision. FTD flowers illustrate this. Florists are making hay with the sum of FTD flowers. Recipients feel the joy of this sunshine on receiving shining FTD flowers.

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