Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower Garden Designs

Flower garden designs constitute an activity that is pleasure but requires planning. Just as the contours of a room as planned which is done properly gives joy to the person concerned as also to others, flower garden designs when conceived well and carried out properly would result in a thing that is of beauty and joy forever. Although standard and basic guidelines are available, it is left to the individuals to come out with their flower garden designs. Needless to say this should be in harmony with the general features of the house, the size, the layout. The garden has to be accurately measured in terms of the perimeter and zones for having fish ponds, patios need to be earmarked.

The flower garden designs should give a facelift to the surrounding environment and virtually change the appearance. Designs could be unique, but that happens occasionally. Often there is a mix and match of ideas gathered when other garden layouts are seen.
Flower garden designs have to be sound because when one used, it is unchangeable save for minor alternatives here or two. Ideas need to be well based and in fine print. Measurements need to be accurate as any error in then would make the garden appear ugly. The design begins with the type of soil to be used. This depends on the types of plants to be groom. Also, the gradient or slope of the terrain matters.

The second step of flower garden designs is the location of it in the premises of the house. The passage of the sun and the intensity of the winds are factors to be reckoned. The third step points out the plants. Annuals, Bulbs and perennials are most suited for a flower garden. Maintaining them is not difficult.

The fourth step of flower garden designs is the planting of the plants. Flower beds should be planted there where seen best. Views from windows inside the house, terraces, decks, patios could be considered as the basis for deciding where to place the flower beds. Having a flower garden around the base of a tree is unproductive. Deep shade, as also intense competition for moisture and nutrients from tree roots, inhabits the growth of these plants.

Aesthetics coloring of flower garden designs is a personal choice varying from person to person. However, with the repetition of certain plants, colors and textures make the flowers beds look continuous. Flower garden designs are indeed an exercise in creativity. Flowers and plants get created by Nature Flower gardens get created by us by the appropriate Flower garden designs.

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