Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flower Tattoo

Flowers have been the ephemeral source of beauty and inspiration to all the creative minds. They have been adorned by painters, musicians, lovers, great thinks, philosophers, poets and not to forget the common man. Flower tattoo has been an art in itself and a form of expression for those who cannot be poets, lyricists or creative minds. Flower tattoo has been the mode of expression for a common man who has simple ideas and limited resources of expression.

In earlier times a tattoo used to represent the special skills borne by the bearer of the tattoos. Some tribes used to depict skills held by their girls in the form of tattoo like culinary skills, skills in crafts, etc. Their flower tattoo used to speak about their nature, habits or simply acted as source of interpretation of individuality. For example a chrysanthemum stood for cheerfulness, friendliness or even for truthfulness. Daffodil represent regards, unrequited love while geranium represented stupidity or folly.

Even till date very flower tattoo bears a meaning and a means to communicate what the person wants to convey. The rose tattoo, the lotus tattoo, daffodil tattoo, or the ones with lilies, daisies, etc all bear their special meanings. All these fragile bloom express simple sentiments in one form or the other.

Apart from being a means of expression of sentiments, a flower tattoo also acts a d�cor for the human body. A small tattoo at the back, around the naval, on the arm all add to the sensuality of the figure. Similarly, going in for bigger tattoos covering the whole back or the shoulder goes in as per an individual choice.

No matter what the purpose is flower tattoo still remains an art that�s fascinates young and old across the globe. Flower tattoo are also available either permanent in nature or as stick-on. Sticker type flower tattoo is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded for personal use. You can also buy them online from the tattoo artists. For permanent nature of tattoo, the addresses to the local flower tattoo artist can be located on the internet. Flower tattoo is and shall remain a fascinating form of art that shall be patronized by the human race for a long time to come.

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