Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Carole Bouquet

This is no bouquet in the classical sense and as understood commonly. Yet Carole Bouquet could be compared to a special flower in the bouquet of actors that have made themselves big on the celluloid screen and in TV channels. Carole Bouquet would be best remembered for the role of bond girl. Yes, Carole Bouquet and Roger Moore did make a hit pair in the film �For Your Eyes Only�.

Born on 18 August 1957, Carole Bouquet finished her high school from Neuville-on-Seine in France, her place of birth. Initially she registered at Sorbonne in Paris. Acting was in her blood which she could scarcely ignore. She changed streams to enroll for three year acting course at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. She discontinued after a year as the offer of a lead role in the feature film was too tempting to be resisted.

Carole Bouquet followed this by involving in a French Italian co-production film that was shot in Italy. This made her love Italy so much that she would accept films in the locale of Italy, unmindful of the plot or script.

In order to improve English and to gain command over it Carole Bouquet spent some time in New York but returned to Paris to work in theatre. She worked with Bertrand Blier, an associability which bore fruit as she got noticed as an actress. This culminated her feeling of winning the Caesar Award for the Best Actress in later films.

The year 1981 proved to be a significant year for Carole Bouquet. It was at this time when she starred opposite Roger Moore in the Bond film. The movie became an instant hit and Carole Bouquet was known as the �Bond Girl�. International acclaim followed but significantly she did not enjoy the experience. There was temporary break from doing the English films until Woody Allen cast her in New York Stories made in 1989.

Carole Bouquet led a personal life that was not too enjoyable. She became widowed in 1985 when her husband, French producer Jean-Pierre Rassam, expired in mysterious circumstances, leaving behind Dimitri Rassam, the son from their marriage. There was a short lived breezy romance with Gerard Depardien that ended in 2001.

Feature work was what Carole bouquet concentrated in eighties and nineties. �Too beautiful for you� and �Lifetime with Zoe� belonging to New York Stories were celebrated roles played by her. She was catapulted to further heights when she essayed the role Caroline Bouquet in Dead Tired � Gross Fatigued directed by Michael Blanc. Her image of herself as a movie star was indescribably apt.

Cannel Number 5 is best linked to Carole bouquet in which she is known internationally. Television and features continue to be the forte of Carole Bouquet. Well, Carole bouqet as Bond Girl, Carole Bouquet as actor and Carole Bouquet as Brand Ambassador or Channel Model, the list seems to get added on and on.

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