Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brandon Flowers

Turning points in a life of Brandon Flower came on all of a sudden only to re-charter the path of progress, popularity and prosperity in harmony with the talents of the latent in the person. Brandon Flowers is one such person where comparisons with life led to previous one seem out of place for such a state arisen by the turning point least anticipated or prepared for. Yet life moved on smoothly as if the missing link that was the factor for life being led differently is suddenly found and that�s all sunshine henceforth and hereafter.

Brandon Flowers saga is no less different like the ones we have heard before. He was destined to be a vocalist and a keyboard player in the American Rock band �The Killers�. His initial upbringing and early childhood showed no signs of this. The twenty-four years old upbringing took place in Utah as the youngest in the family that comprised four older sisters and an elder brother. When he attained the age of twelve, he moved to Las Vegas, the place of his birth.

Life had been going on a usual with Brandon flowers and would have further progressed but for his chancy hearing of the radio in his car after his very first college class. �Changes� by David Bowle changed life of Brandon Flower. The desire to be a part of the music industry was nurtured at this stage.

Brandon Flowers joined a band called blue response. The response was negative and Brandon was shown to the door upon his refusal to move to Los Angeles, California with rest of them. �The Killers� did not kill the gifted vocalist but did substantially to revive and revamp the urge and the spirit of Flowers. Responding to an advertisement inserted by the guitarist David Keuning, Flowers fit into the groove. The band thus came into existence. The name of �The Killers� came into existence when watching the video of New Order where New Order were a fictitious band �The Killers�.

Brandon Flowers took hands of Tana Munblowsky in marriage on Second of August this year. Munblowsky embraced Marmonism faith prior to marriage. The marriage was a sober, low key affair that wasdevoid of fanfare. Flowers drank and smoked although he was a Mermon and contravened the faith�s prescription. However, he quit them. Brandon Flowers became controversial for his sexual identity. He is unaffected yet he gives freedom to think of them they like. There are varied opinions of him that are entertained by his peers and contemporaries. He is also described as loud mouthed. His failings and foibles he is person to watch and may be some day Brandon Flowers would become a brand. Only time will tell��

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