Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Rose Mimiru

Blackrose Mimiru does not happen to be the name of the same person. They are two entities with specific characteristics whose combination provides amusement, fun, entertainment and brain wracking in the realm of cyber sports. These cyber sports, of which Blackrose Mimiru are a part, are popularly known as Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game acronymic as MMRPG. Bordering on HG Wells� Time Machine, the game is a Cy-Fi or Cyber Fiction with a set of few years in future. Blackrose Mimiru plays their roles as outlined in the game.

These are crime filled times of the cyber type crimes compromising hacking, worms, virus and what not, that have become uncontrollable. An international organization is formed to check the menace but much time is spent by the group in internal politics including Blackrose Mimiru.the group is caught unawares by Pluto�s Kiss, a lethal virus, which shuts down almost all computers in the world. Several people lose their lives and thereafter cyber crime is made punishable by death penalty. The game thus moves on.

�The World� or the computer game in question has attained unmatched popularity with the demand of the entertainment starved people and has grown to be hot and maddening. The story line about Blackrose Mimiru is in multi- parts each part of the story is told in different media, grabbing attention the attention of children and executives who have put in a thin attendance in schools and offices. Such is the obsession with the game.

A number of characters from two prominent video games gather for a big party in Cyber Slum of which Blackrose Mimiru stand out prominently. The game is of Japanese origin but it has marked its presence in US as well. The characters have also made their way into the confines of the home. They have endeared themselves in to the players. Mimiru is cooler of the two and her big sword perfectly matches her poise. Blackrose stands out for being aggressive and gallant. Both have abundant courage and are noted for their heroic exploits.

Fictional characters do exercise subtle influences on the minds and thinking of targeted public. Although fiction could also isolate from the real world yet the �humanness� that finds equivalence is that what matters. Blackrose Mimiru might appeal more to viewers of Japan and to surrounding regions but their presence is not welcome. Their presence in various media speaks of this. Responses and reactions of the players on message boards speak volumes about extent of identity of Blackrose and Mimiru in countries like US.

Blackrose Mimiru including other use mild bad language and use bloodless violence But notwithstanding these characters in the domain of fantasy, adventure, drama, comedy, and science fiction have ensured a presence, albeit virtual. Blackrose mimiru have gained popularity along with other characters and the game. �The World� is a game within a game within there is madness. But there is a cause followed by a method to it (apologies to Shakespeare�)

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