Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flower Backgrounds

Flowers are eternal source of beauty. They not only depict freedom and independence but also a sense of eternal happiness and freshness. This is the reason that flower backgrounds are one of the most opted backgrounds amongst the designers. Flower backgrounds remain the first choice of an individual as well as home decorators, fashion designers, website designers, interior decorators or anyone who is into the field in designing. They provide the most soothing effect to any type of decoration portrayed for an event.

Nature has its own beauty. This is manifest in god�s own creation and is more pronounced in flowers. They are everywhere spanning every corner or our planet and appear in diverse forms. Yet all speak of same language � that of silence and fragrance. Flower backgrounds matter a lot to man and he uses them in every occasion be it joy, grief, worship, and welcome. Poets have romanticized them, saints and seers have revered them. Flower backgrounds depict the epitome of human spirit.

It is in this sprit flower backgrounds play a pivotal role in shaping man�s lifestyle both in gross and subtle ways. They govern the man�s mental state and human behavior. Appropriate flower backgrounds at apt moments show excellent results by bringing warmth, light, cheer and hope.

Flower backgrounds have come out of the traditional groove, so to say. Floral arrangements were initially confined to the worship room where the soul is to be fed or the dining area where the body is to be fed. But now they occupy prime spaces in offices and homes.

Floral arrangement on an entry way or flower backgrounds at the doorstep is a perfect way to assure red carpet welcome to the visitor. The formality or informality of the set up, the comfort and coziness in a home or otherwise depends on the flower arrangement. The �first impression� that gets cast in the minds of the guest cannot be described in words.

Romance begins in the bedroom. Tea roses, lilies, lilac, peonies not only lend harmony to the d�cor but make the day break enjoyable with fragrance. Even in the guest rooms nothing more apt than a flower background can make a guest feel at home. They could be even excused for over-staying. The flower backgrounds and floral arrangements in the bathrooms may sound amusing but floating rose petals or odorous fragrant blossoms in a plastic tumbler are enough to create magic of air-fresheners.

Series of flowers on staircase or flower backgrounds at the turnings of the staircase would give rise to subliminal feelings. The person would experience a �step-up� effect when ascending. Work pressure in office could be lessened to a large extent by having cut flowers atop the work table or the mantle. Cheerful ambience, energy filled environment is what office goers hanker for. Flower backgrounds contribute a lot towards the �pleasure� in office. Flower is Nature�s gift to us. The art of having flower backgrounds is what we must endeavor to cultivate and hone.

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