Sunday, January 24, 2010

Floral Tattoos

Tattoos have been a passion with human beings either as a means of decoration on the body or as a means of expression of thoughts, expertise, etc. Flowers have also been yet another medium of expression for the human race. Tattoos were of various kinds, animal tattoos, floral tattoos, scenic tattoos, etc. They were administered by puncturing the skin with a piece of bone dipped in flower ink. They were done for religious ceremonies and initiation rites in nearly every culture. Floral tattoos along with tattoos of sun and moon have always topped the charts in yesteryears. But in today�s times a lot has changed and many more categories are equally popular.

Floral tattoos have been symbolic and have been the most popular mode of communication themselves. They represent the flowers themselves. Just like different flowers justify the occasions and aptly compliment them similarly floral tattoos communicate the person�s ideas, emotions and feeling in a much profound manner. Historically, floral tattoos have stood for driving away the evil spirits and bringing in joy and cheerfulness. Rose tattoos have been depicting romanticism or sinister feelings of the person. Similarly, lotus tattoos depicts different connotations than the one with lily or carnations on it.

These days it is not absolutely necessary to have the skin punctured and tattoos to be engraved on the skin. Tattoos are available as stickers as well that can be pasted on the skin and remain there for sometime. Floral tattoos are available in the form of blossoms like rose, lily, iris, peony, daffodil etc. that can be either worn individually or in combination.

Along with floral tattoos other easy-to-apply symbols of love are also available. The most popular ones amongst them are doves and flower garlands, hearts pierced by arrows and decorated with flowers, cupids bearing messages, etc. Tattoos for children are designed in the form of delicately curved wreaths to encircle belly buttons of all shapes and sizes, include brightly colored lilies, daisies, pansies, tulips, and other flowers.

It does not matter how the floral tattoos have been used in past and how are they being used in the present time. The fact about floral tattoos is that they have been the symbol of joy, happiness and a mode of expression of human sentiments and feeling since times immemorial. Floral tattoos shall remain as long as the flowers and as long the human race too.

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