Friday, January 22, 2010

Floral Arrangements of African Heritage

African heritage is one of the most ancient heritages present in the world. It dates back as far as an Asian or Egyptian heritage present contemporarily. Ancient Egyptians used plant materials for decorative purposes. Thus floral arrangements of African heritage has remained and has been passed on generations one after the other. The floral arrangements of African heritage are also known as Kwanzaa free flowing style of floral arrangement.

Floral arrangements of African heritage make use of light floral d�cor which are great for hallways. This type of arrangement uses free and wild look. It makes use of palm leaves and rubber foliage. These are large plants and give a large and lean look to the arrangements. It also uses other green foliage lavishly. The reason behind this can be attributed to the natural flora available in the African land. The lavish and rich foliage of various forms carries its own beauty and thus the arrangements also carry that look with them.

Floral arrangements of African heritage find their place mostly during the Kwanzaa holiday ing celebrated by African Americans. A tropical theme using flowers such as birds-of-paradise and heliconia with large blooms is created. The overall set up uses containers, foliages, flowers etc for celebrating the festival which literally means �first fruit�. The whole ambience is complimented by African folklore in the background.

Apart from Kwanzaa, floral arrangements of African heritage also find place at traditional African weddings. There are hundreds of couples who have successfully combined and are still opting to have the beauty of western tradition with regal culture of African Heritage. There are several florists available who can successfully provide assistance in the whole set as to if the d�cor should be a traditional African Wedding or should carry a hint of Heritage. They can also provide a comfortable integration of the two to suit the taste of the groom and the bride.

Whatever the case may be floral arrangements of African heritage as justly present in the far away lands. No matter what or where the Africans have migrated, they have carried their culture and traditions. Thus as long as the culture is opted by the migrants everything including the floral arrangements of African heritage shall keep venturing to the far away lands.

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