Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fire and Ice Roses

Roses have been one of the most beautiful things created by Nature. They stand for love, concern and passion. Fire and Ice roses are bi-colored roses that have won the esteem and patronage of many rose lovers. On first hearing fire and ice appear to be inconceivable but the nomenclature is not without significance. Fire and ice roses are no oxymoron arrangements rather they blend delicate beauty with rarity.

Basically, fire and ice roses are hybrids. They are bi-colored with rose petals on the inside and white on the outside. What perfect artistry? No wonder they are the most sought after variety. They symbolize the ultimate when dealing in romance and courtship. Doesn�t it seem obvious going by their breath taking appearance?

Strange it may seem fire and ice roses do not last long when compared with other types and categories. Their longevity is moderate and they perish soon. Shouldn�t this be obvious, going by the nature of associability and duration of companionship of fire and ice? Yet looking at it from another angle, the message could be that fire and ice aren�t foes, they could co-exist albeit for a short duration and can give joy to the beholder.

Another feature of fire and ice roses is the size of the flowers. Usually they are of medium size and can be held though with delicacy. Large quantities of fire and ice roses can be bundled together and sold which underscores the beauty in unity and harmony. Also the size of the entity hardly matters. What matters is the overall appeal and impact it has on the viewer. Doesn�t it reflect the effectiveness of personality of a person rather than the outward physique and structure?

Fire and ice roses need to be taken care of at the very stage when they bud. They are sold in the bundle of 150 stems each. These are then wrapped in boxes, freshly cut in greenhouses every morning after being handpicked. These can be shipped by courier to reach the recipient in the shortest possible time so that they remain fresh. This is done on a daily basis so that the beauty and freshness of fire and ice roses remain intact.

Fire and ice roses have received worldwide patronage and are here to stay. The red white combination as also the combination of different kinds of flowers, their shapes and colors, varieties add to their value addition. Fire and ice, by themselves could be divergent, but their combination as Fire and ice roses is formidable. Could purity passion, romance, courtship find a better representation?

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