Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daffodil Tattoos

Daffodils tattoos have been one of the most opted ones amongst the floral tattoos. Various cultures have been using daffodils in their paintings, sculptures etc. Daffodil tattoos have been worn by many men and women in ancient cultures, as well. Hope, regards, unrequited love or may be even deceitfulness of the character are some of the meanings interpreted via daffodil tattoos.

Flowers depict nature, freedom, happiness, independence etc. This has been one of the reasons that floral tattoos have been more popular amongst the people. Earlier, having a tattoo meant belonging to a group or the bad boys. Tattoos hold importance in Bornean Iban culture. Tattoos like daffodil tattoos, tattoos in intricate patterns, cookery tattoos, etc. depict the skills and expertise held by the Iban girls.

But these days bearing a tattoo has become more of a fashion or a part of trendy lifestyle. Floral designs like daffodil tattoos rose tattoos, etc offer an eternal object that has earned awe and admiration since a long time. Having tattoos on the body is more of a trend amongst the teens and twenty-something. Youngsters put tattoos on various visible body parts like forearms, upper-back, shoulders, and ankles. Some of them go up to the extent of having tattoos on hips, lower backs, etc.

People also choose floral designs to portray eternal symbol of spring, life, rebirth, beauty and fertility. Daffodil tattoos although hold meaning for hope and love but it is difficult to summarize the character and illustrate a powerful message to all the people around the person bearing the tattoo.

Daffodil tattoos are available in big floral patterns as well as miniature forms. These can be easily pasted on any body part and safely removed as well. Other types available in miniature form specially are rose, tiger lily, daffodil, tulip, poinsettia, carnation, iris, etc.

Various tattoos are available for the kids as well. These are creative tattoos depicting toys, flowers, cartoon characters, etc. These are usually available in a pack with some colored tattoos and other available for coloring by the children themselves. Such tattoo packs make ideal gift sets for growing up children.

Daffodil tattoos belong to the popular categories. These are available at most of the tattoo parlor. Floral tattoos like daffodil tattoos are also made available for purchase by various schools or charity organizations. This is usually done as a fund raising activity. This makes hobbyists to purchase their favorite daffodil tattoos and make a charity simultaneously.

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