Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Daffodil Poems

Daffodils have been source of eternal beauty and poetry has been an eternal source of expression of feelings. Daffodil poems have been written by many times as and when they have given inspirations to the poetic heart. The most popular ones amongst all the daffodil poems have been the one written by William Wordsworth. Several other poets have also written some impressive daffodil poems that have caught an eye of appreciation from people all across the globe.

Nature had always been the inspirational source for poetry of William Wordsworth. Amongst all the daffodil poems his poem �Daffodil� surely stands out and beats all ages. This poem touches the soul of the reader. It creates an inner reaction and sparks an emotional response by aptly signifying the bloom and essence of the spring season. It conveys the image of simple daffodil fluttering in breeze by the side of the sparkling lake. This poem speaks volumes about the brightness of spring and the joy it brings to the human heart. It conveys most proficiently that springs brings in the feeling that world is eternal and we humans shall also bloom one day in the eye of eternity.

Several other daffodil poems have also been written by various other poets. �To an early daffodil� is yet another poem on daffodils which is quite popular. The poem has been written in old English format of Shakespearean times. The poetess talks to the daffodil and praises its bloom and its beauty in the spring season. The poetess conveys the beauty and charm of early spring by the means of talking to a daffodil. She elicits all the goodness of springs and describes the picturesque beauty of the bloom and the pleasantness of the atmosphere while talking to the daffodil.

A Daffodil poetry book has also been compiled by Ethel Fowler which contains daffodil poems from various poets like William Allingham, Matthew Arnold, Henry Charles Beeching, William Blake, Rupert Brooke, Walter De La Mare, Thomas Hardy and many more. All these poets have written daffodil poems that have touched the souls and hearts of millions of humans. Also, these daffodil poems compiled together in a daffodil poetry book make a wonderful reading. This book is available in hard cover and has been published in 1920. It is available in used format and a new copy is hard to obtain.

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