Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cosmos Flower History

Cosmos flower history states that it is a popular flowering plant grows and blooms twice a year. It is 3-6 ft tall plant and if cosmos flower history is to be believed it attracts visitors from nearby and far off places to see glorious and profuse blooming of poppies in spring season and autumn season. This means that cosmos glower history has witnessed blooming of these flowers every year from April to June and September to mid- October.

Cosmos picking event after the season has marked an important note in the cosmos flower history. During this event people try to pick as many cosmos flowers as possible. Originating from Mexico, �cosmos� is derived from the Greek and stands for a universe that is balanced in order and regularity. This is equally fitting in the case of flowering plants where regularity and order is widely observed. These flowers became popular in early part of the twentieth century when there are no blooms till fall.

Cosmos flower history tells that these flowers bloom once during a season that is twice in a year � spring and fall. It flourishes in sunny locations and blossoms come in all shades of deep pink to white. Hence, it makes nice cut flower.

Cosmos flower history also tells tales of a movie being made in the name of these flowers. �Remembering the Cosmos Flower� is the movie in question and comes under the classification of message movie and psychological drama. The movie made waves in Canada and Japan and earned rare reviews from the critics.

Directed by Junichi Suzuki the movie marks an impression in the cosmos flower history. It is a poignant story of a courageous school girl, Akiko Sonoda, whose youth is aborted by the dreaded AIDS virus, which is rarely discussed in Japan. Akkio is injured in a car accident in her village to which she returns after spending sometime with her parents in South America. She contracts AIDS through a blood transfusion. AKkio�s best friend finds it difficult to reconcile with the situation and so do other classmates at school. Akkio�s mother never gives up and tries to bring cheer and respect to Akkio whose health keeps declining everyday.

Cosmos flower history dates the blooming of flowers in Japan during the spring season. They appear lovely and their colors carry special meaning to their bloom. For instance, red color signifies a maiden having pure heart, while white color signifies a maiden having purity and innocence. Red and white signify a maiden having sincerity.

Cosmos flower history has wide patronage in Japan and neighboring country of India. Order and regulation is what appealed to the Japanese and to US. This they might have learnt from cosmos flower history itself.

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