Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chlor Plants

Chlor plants are basically used for sanitization of pool waters. They are popularly known as Chlor Alkali Plants. They are cheaper as they save on labor and chemicals. Chlor plants are also having running costs much lower than other alternatives. Salt added by the chlor plants act as mild antiseptic and reduce skin irritation as well. They also reduce chlorine suffocation caused by unpleasant smell and taste.

Chlor plants are technically known as Alkaline Chloride Electrolysis Bleach Plants. These plants use advanced hypochlorite production technology. These plants are turning out to be better options for customers than purchasing chlorine and caustic separately from large producers and then shipping them to the destination place. This makes them cost effective as well as after one time installation there are no recurring costs like transportation of chlorine gas which is also hazardous.

These chlor plants do not cause any staining of the pools as in case of ionizers and other processes. Various automatic chlor plants are available these days that just need the chlorine production level to be set. These plants require minimum maintenance which is cleaning of electrodes periodically. The conversion of chlorine occurs in an artificial saturated salt water tank or the brine solution. This method is popular in industrial application and is popularly known as Brine chlorination systems. The salt water solution is then processed through electrolytic cells delivering chlorinated water in a single pass system.

Chlor plants are safe as well. The saline water passes through electrolytic cells through titanium electrodes. These electrodes are highly sensitive towards chlorine production. Usually chlorine from other source is required which is generated by commercial chlor plants. These plants use huge amount on Mercury to extract chlorine. This eventually leads to contamination of water. Extraction of chlorine on commercial scale also causes ill effects to aquatic life. Thus use of small chlor plants eliminates environmental hazards as well.

These small chlor plants are very effective and economic as they do not require transportation of chlorine and addition of any other chemical is also not required. They can be effectively implemented in commercial pools, domestic pools, spas and industrial facilities.

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