Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beautiful Drawings of Hibiscus Flowers

There have been many drawings of hibiscus flowers by various painters. All have tried to portray their emotions with the beauty and sanctity of the nature where in hibiscus portrays the perennial beauty. The colorful drawings of hibiscus flowers depict the beautiful red hibiscus which has recently developed popularity of the plants. Sites include the tropical hibiscus and the American Hibiscus Society which give the reader a wide appreciation of the color and variety expressed in these plants.

Sydney Parkinson is known for expressing his floral paintings in silk forms. His drawings of hibiscus flowers was prepared and finished on a voyage when the ship had arrived at Otaheite in Society Islands, in the Pacific. Parkinson had obtained the specimen of the flower from Society Islands and captured the color and forms of the living plants on paper.

Just like Sydney Parkinson, Warhol had also had also turned to hibiscus for inspiration. He has depicted the flower in all its symbolism, fragility and mysterious allure. He had captured his paintings and the drawings of hibiscus flowers from a series of photograph based on hibiscus blossom. The drawings and paintings speak volumes about flowers� floppy shape with vibrant color and set them against a background of rich undergrowth, transforming them into psychedelic indoor d�cor.

Drawings of hibiscus flowers are also popularly used in various other forms such as floral tattoos. The most popular combination is usage of hibiscus flower with tattoos of butterflies. This theme has been used widely by the tattoos artists. The patrons have also given their preferences towards tattoos flaunting the hibiscus flower combined with other tattoos. One of the reasons is that this flower is also known as the �China Rose� so may be it goes hand in hand with the popularity of rose tattoos.

Drawings of hibiscus flowers also find place on the ceramic tiles and ceramic tile murals. Botanical drawings and illustrations of plants and flowers are readily available as illustrations, borders or patterns. One can also customer made pattern of the tiles that suit his tastes and choices. This way a person can design his own tile collage and tile murals for completely customized installation at his place of preference. This has been possible because the drawings of hibiscus flowers are now available digitally. They can be converted into any form and can be presented in medium of one�s choice.

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