Thursday, December 3, 2009

White Flower Bouquet Wedding

White as a color has a singular feature. The seven colors originate out of it only to submerge in it. Call it colorless, transparent clear and what not, white stands apart from the rest of the colors. A paradoxical situation wherein white throws �color� yet does not posses �color � as commonly seen. White Flower Bouquet wedding in its own way, calls for a good amount of planning and preparation for it to be remembered for years. Regality, refinement, richness, royalty, romances all, these go with a white flower bouquet wedding. In fact it would be no exaggeration to state that white flower bouquet wedding is a dream wedding of a sort. The wedding occasion can have the air of heavenliness and can be made cosmic when the wedding becomes white flower bouquet wedding. Flowers become the right tool to convey emotions and appreciation. White flowers with their intrinsic beauty and purity would be eloquent. White flower bouquet wedding would abound in such conveyances.

White flowers, traditionally speaking, have enjoyed a prime place in Natures design of things as conceived by man. Fragility, delicacy, softness, they both characterize flowers and women. White flowers, on top of it, symbolize purity and immaculateness logically, a white flower bouquet wedding would then depict the occasion involving the union of two hearts before God who stands for love, sacrifice, purity, and freedom from balance, slander, taint and such other vices.

A wedding dress would be evenly matched with the appropriate floral arrangements relative to the occasion. White flower bouquet wedding works on this basic idea. In order to have a truly elegant and formal look, the bride�s bouquet can be done in white flowers. The basic idea is that attention ought to be centered on the bride. This can be done when no other color is used.

White flower bouquet wedding can be given a concrete shape since white flowers are mostly present in roses and lilies. They are available in many shades of white from ivory, cream or pale beige to a white with a tint of pink. White harmonizes with several light or allied colors.

White flower bouquet wedding would be paled were shapes of bouquets are not given a thought. The trailing waterfall and the cascading waterfall shapes can have white flowers. The effect is one that adds to the overall aura surrounding the petite bride without putting any of the things already arranged out of place. A corsage of white Anthurium with clusters of special greens would really bedeck a white flower bouquet wedding.

A white flower bouquet wedding throws its own charms in a majestic and an aristocratic way. The bride, in questions, is not only modern but sophisticated too! That the seven colors are present in white color might make one think of the white flower bouquet wedding as no less colored than other conventional weddings. A white flower bouquet wedding is thus colored and elegant, at the same time.

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