Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catalogs of Daffodils

Beauty of daffodils cannot be gauged by price. Price is determined by the amount of stock available to satisfy the demand. Some varieties produce new bulbs more prolifically than others and so move more rapidly from collector's items to the lists in the catalogs of daffodils. There are certain catalogs of daffodils available that not only flower and vegetable seed but also annual and perennial plants for the gardener.

The best option to look for the catalogs of daffodils is the spring. This is the season when these flowers are in full bloom. If catalogs of daffodils are not available then it is a good option to look for catalogs for next fall�s seeds and nursery catalogs.

Catalogs of daffodils are a good help to order the bulbs for the coming season. Many of the catalogs carry a marking as �new� which states that the current bulb is new to this year�s list. But it is not necessary that the bulbs would be truly new if they are being offered as a bargain. In order to truly assess the availability of new variety of bulb, one can always visit the official website for American Daffodil Society. Most of the specialist growers are listed on this website. You can phone, fax or email these growers. They usually provide catalogs of daffodils that list the new varieties.

The new varieties present in the catalogs of daffodils offered by the specialist growers are too high. The grower does not charge for the bulbs or the plant but years that he has spent in growing that variety. It takes at least five to seven years for a new variety of daffodil to bloom and then another minimum ten years to provide bulbs that can be sold in the market. Thus for a grower to be able to sell a new variety it is usually efforts of past 15 years to make any profits.

Catalogs of daffodils are usually available if you take a trip to the nursery or can even order them online. Most of the growers provide the catalogs for free but some specialized ones do charge a little for the catalogs. These catalogs help in providing important information about the types of daffodils available such as small-cupped, double-cupped, trumpet, large-cupped, split-cup and various hybrids

These catalogs of daffodils are present prior to the season. Thus when the season arrives one can easily order these catalogs and buyer knows what to buy. Some of the catalogs of daffodils do not have pictures but some hand drawings are usually available with the listing to get a rough idea about the bulbs. These pictures are usually available during the season when the flowers actually bloom. Usually such catalogs of daffodils contain excellent description along with any discounts and shipping details.

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