Monday, December 28, 2009

Cartoon Flower

Cartoons, flowers and children have been the most inseparable combination since ages. They all have been interrelated to each other ever since all these three have known to exist together. Children have loved flowers and children have loved cartoons. Thus a question of not having something called as �cartoon flowers� does not exist. Cartoon flowers are one of the favorite things that children love. Also cartoon flowers have also been expression of love even in the cartoon stories.

Cartoon flowers are not only used in cartoon movies but also in website making. They specially come in handy while creating buttons, bullets, backgrounds in children websites, adding colors and pleasantness to the interactive children websites, etc.

Cartoon flowers are also helpful especially in weddings. They are popularly used as powdered corn mixed bouquet as they are tiny enough to and corsage work. They are also a good luck gift form the graves of red and denote cheerfulness especially in gardens.

E-greetings are another place where cartoon flowers are most popularly used. Flowers have been the most efficient way of expression for all occasions. Since the advent of electronic age and messages coming in the �e-form� or the �electronic form� so have the greetings too. Greetings too have taken the e-form of expression. Thus be it birthday, belated birthdays, anniversaries, condolences, child birth, valentine�s day, mother�s day, father�s day, friendship greetings, etc. all the e-greetings make use of flowers in them. Cartoon flowers are more profusely used in children�s e-greetings.

Cartoon flowers are available as free downloads on most of the animation websites that offer free gif animations, free clip arts, free backgrounds and everything related to designing requirements. Some of the more efficient ones are available under paid graphics packages.

Walt Disney had also made cartoon �Flowers and Trees�, It is a short 8 minute movie which bagged Oscar award to Walt Disney for its beautiful animation and great music. The story line depicts that a bunch of cartoon flowers and trees are dancing happily. Then two trees see a female tree and start fighting and soon fire starts in the jungle and destroys everything in sight.

No matter what or where cartoon flowers leave their impact. They act as an important part of children movies, websites, graphics, comics, etc. Cartoon flowers are also helpful in expressing feelings on electronic media. The age of cartoon flowers shall never end just like the real flowers because children and human beings shall never stop appreciating the beauty and expressiveness of natural as well as cartoon flowers.

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