Monday, December 21, 2009

Butterfly Tattoos

Tattoos are no longer a taboo. What was sported by a section of the populace has now earned good patronage. Tattoo designs are seen in the parts of body like the arms, backs, and chest and so on. Shapes of animals, birds, insects are seen in these tattoos amongst those are butterfly tattoos. Butterfly tattoos are worn by women all over the world. They are combined with flower tattoos, designs, especially of roses, lilies, daisies, and sunflowers with vine tattoos or with wispy thin tribal tattoo design. In short, butterfly tattoos have an amazing versatility which a few tattoo designs can match. Apart from these niceties, what places butterfly tattoos apart is the fact that they can be placed anywhere on the human body.

Like the butterfly that can flit freely from one place to another, butterfly tattoos register their presence in all parts of the human body. What makes butterfly tattoos highly sought is a question that no one can answer specifically. Most probably superstition and a deep rooted belief in the creation of butterfly is the underlying cause. The belief that butterflies are the physical symbol of human souls that gets influenced by divine things just as a night butterfly gets influenced by flame.

The scientific process of the butterfly becoming evolved from a caterpillar further gives rise to a fascination and love for the insect. Butterfly tattoos signify the power and hand of God behind such evolution. The essence of human souls is the energy of life. A woman is blessed with the ability to create and sustain a new life. Butterfly tattoos serve as a talisman that strengthens the awesome power that is present with women.

Butterfly tattoos convey different meanings when put on different parts of the body. Strange it may seem to know to what extent beliefs transcend reason and logic. Butterfly tattoos on the shoulder blade reflect the dreamy nature of the person being a visionary and isolated from the ground realities of life. Butterfly tattoos or for that matter butterflies have been linked with the holocaust. Prisoners of war in ancient times would have butterfly tattoos designed to signify their end. However, less is resorted to in modern times with hope and optimism with the passage of each day.

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