Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broken Flowers

Broken flowers as with broken homes, broken hearts broken relationships might outwardly suggest to an indiscernible reader about flowers that get separated from the plant or broken in to pieces and the resulting pathos engulfing the atmosphere. But in fact the title �Broken Flowers� has nothing to do with any such saga.

Contrary to the idea �Broken Flowers� is the title of the comedy film released this year that won acclaim and gathered accolades in the Cannes Film Festival. The film is a comedy under the garb of pathos. �Pathos is the mother of humor� is the Shakespeare phrase but there seems to be roles reversals as suggested by the film. The protagonist Bill Murray playing Don Johnson opens up by stating that the film is all fun and the title is a misnomer. Haunted by failures, Don (Murray) indulged in the business involving computers, made a fast buck but slackened in true love and joy that eluded him.

The narrative links the past and the present, the film �Broken Flowers� gives sufficient hint towards this feature. Meddlesome neighbors are irritating but on of the kind Winston played by Jeffery Wright could be an exceptional one. After having discovered �the net� and the revolutionary effects Winston influences Don to exploit the technology to the last drop. Don does so only to be shattered by the arrival of a �pink envelope� that strangely does not put Don in the pink of the spirits. At this stage he is father of an eighteen year old son. The letter is unsigned and thus begins the casual chemistry between Don and Winston who are not separated. Wright does justice to the role of the wannabe detective who goes all out to help him.

The flashback into the past begins in �Broken Flowers� when don�s girlfriend played by Julie Delpy, leaves him. Giving into nearly to the resignation of being alone Winston urges Don to investigate this mystery and the film has humor set against the backdrop of upsets. The film has earned kudos and large following for Jim Jarmusch who wrote, produced and directed the film.

Broken Flowers has a fair share of bouquets and brickbats. Bill Murray is hailed for his Oscar award worthy performance, with minimal expressions he succeeds in portraying the subtle nuances of the character. Some simple truths about desperate lives are brought home eliciting empathy from the viewers. These raves get pitted against the ridicule with a section of critics dubbing Broken Flowers as a road movie that does not traverse a straight path. The film makes the audience laugh in order to stay awake with humor at times becoming thin.

The plot for the movie �Broken Flowers� also suffers from aridity and drift. Despite such comments, �Broken Flowers� has catapulted both Murray and Jarmusch to great heights and has enabled them to pair a relationship that could hit off well. The tagline of the film �Broken �Flowers� aptly reflects this: �Sometimes life brings strange surprises�.

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