Saturday, November 28, 2009

Washington State Flower

Like all the 50 states in United States, the Washington state also has its own state symbols. Washington state flower is �Rhododendron� which was chosen in 1892. The most remarkable feature about the Washington state flower is that it was chosen by the women in state even before the women had the right to vote. Since the Washington State needed an official flower to be represented in the World�s Fair in Chicago representing the Washington state flower, six selections had been made and when the votes were counted, women in the state has finalized Rhododendron as the Washington State Flower.

Officially, Coast Rhododendron is the Washington state flower. It is available as pink, yellow, white, red or purple in color. It is commonly known as the �rhodie�. The nearest competitor to the �rhodie� was the clover when the voting was called in. In the end state women in 1892 put the final mark on Rhododendron as the state flower. Pink and purple are usually the most prominent color where a truss on the tree holds 10-20 flowers at a time. The plant is an erect vigorous shrub or a small tree that reaches to a height of 5 ft. in 10 years.

The botanical name of the Washington State flower is Rhododendron macrophyllum. It is also known as Pacific Rhododendron. Initially, when clover had been suggested as an option for Washington state flower by poet laureate Ella Higginson then Alsora Hayner Fry who was a fan of Rhododendron put it in Washington papers as a nomination. It was taken as an option to represent something concurrent with state�s nickname �the Evergreen State�. The Rhododendron represented wild profusion and great beauty because of its evergreen leaf.

The Rhododendron managed to bag 53 percent vote and was claimed as the Washington state flower. But it was not until sixty six years later that the senate officially accepted its stature. On February 10, 1949 the rhododendron or Rhododendron Californicum was approved by both the houses and officially named it as the Washington State Flower. Later in 1959, Rhododendron macrophyllum was taken to be the official species representing the Washington State flower. But no matter whatever the species is, Rhododendron shall be represented as Washington State flower representing wild profusion and

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