Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tulip Flowers

Tulip flowers symbolize various things and have been patronized since long time. �Perfect love� was what early Victorians interpreted when beholding tulip flowers. The more red petals in tulip flowers embodied more love. Rejection and hopelessness were evident in the petals becoming yellow or faded. Variegated and striped tulip flowers conveyed to the female receiver that she had beautiful eyes as felt by the sender. Terminating this flight of fancy, it would not be out of place to trace the genesis of the popularity of tulip flowers.

�Tulip flowers� has its roots in Turkish word meaning �turban� on account of its resemblance with its appearance and shape. It was grown in the gardens maintained by the Turkish sultans and it entered Europe via Netherlands. Currently, tulip flowers are grown in the temperate regions of the world.

Tulip flowers are essentially herbs they grow from bulbs that are long and broad from the base or stem. What is distinguishing about tulip flowers is that they appear in various colors that could be one or a harmonious blend of colors except blue. The herbs are hardy and long lasting. Planting of tulip flowers takes place during fall and blossoms come forth in spring. For proper blossoming of tulips, the soil should be rich and well-drained.

Tulip flowers command a price and reflect the status symbol of the person concerned. Duplication was possible from a single seed but the beauty available in the form of variegated colors, stripes and edges caught the fancy of the farmers.

Tropical conditions hamper the flourish of the tulip flowers. On the contrary, wintry and cold conditions aid their growth and sustenance. However, tulips can be made to flower earlier than they normally do by regulating the temperatures required for the growth.

It is significant to learn of �blasting� of tulip flowers. This arises when the bulbs fail to develop the flower that is described as fit in the marketable terms. The flowers assume a distorted shape as blasting is linked to shipment of tulip flowers to other places from the place of its origin or cultivation.

Tulip flowers are preferred in mass plantings. A blend of two or three colors or mass planting of single colors is enough to give enchanting and elegant look. From the gardens, fields, rooms, tulips have had their presence felt in the gourmet�s domain. They serve as constituents of a delicious salad item, an appetizer or �garnishing� give a finishing touch, as it were, to the delicacies served. Tulip flowers come in beautiful shapes and eye-catching colors and are surely a gardener�s or a home maker�s delight.

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