Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thrills, Pills and Daffodils

Outwardly, the three seem to be irreconcilable what has pills got to do with thrills and vice versa and low is daffodils linked with the two of them Thrills, pills and daffodils might make strange bedfellows with nothing common among them. To set matters straight, �Thrills, pills and daffodils� happens to be the music album. Rather it falls in the genre of ultimate dance music that results in the listener experiencing the same effect as that experienced when taking pills � thrills unbound, feeling it with gay abandon like the free sway of daffodils in the breeze, the motion of which provides merriment and amusement.

Tense ridden youth and workaholics need to de stress themselves lest they become psychosomatic and psychotic or mere burn outs. Thrills, pills and daffodils claims to alleviate the stress and thereby emancipate the stressed from distress though the steps to de stress.

The composition, the music set to rhythmic beat the way the renditions go, all would suffice as worthy stress relievers making the listener energetic, refreshed, buoyant and optimistic. The music serves as pills that make the person full of thrill just like the daffodils that bloom in a carefree manner and epitomize the poise that a person should acquire amidst the vicissitudes of life. Released on 22 September 2005, Thrills, pills and daffodils made waves with a varied response of critics classifying it under funky and disco variety and the rest considering it under vocal and club house. Remixes and dubbings in other languages have also sprung up. �Thrills, pills and daffodils� is copyrighted by Spread Music, USA.

Richard Fite and Michael Moog do full justice to Thrills, pills and daffodils as the artist. Three versions of the album, called the three interpretations, afford ample choice for a listener, each succeeding in filling the big room and hall with energy, thanks to the inimitable voice of Moog and the quality of production by Fite which employs sweeping synthesizers to bombastic beats that seem to ooze energy.

�Thrills, pills and daffodils� became a rage in the United States and appealed to music lovers. It has served as a tonic and energy � a booster to many youth and overworked person. That music is an effective stress reliever is well known. �Thrills, pills and daffodils� has appealed too many who see this beyond music. The �kick� that is experienced in unlike that provided by the pills in that the effects are harmless. Yet, the thrills that is provided is compared to that felt by daffodils that sways merrily in the open. Thrills, pills and daffodils in thus appropriately titled.

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