Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tattoo Lotus Flower

Tattoo has been known since pre-historic times. They have been a medium of expression of human emotions, expertise, preferences or for mere identification. Tattoo is a permanent mark on the body which reflects the personality or the personal preference. Tattoo lotus flower or rose tattoo, daffodil tattoos all hold their individual meanings. Tattoo lotus flower is more or less accepted as the symbol of estranged love.

Origins of lotus lie in Egypt and in India. These are the places where tattoo lotus flower hold its spiritual meaning. One of the major reasons being the lotus holds an important place in local myths and legends. It has been one of the important flowers where gods and goddesses had been concerned. According to Indian mythology, lotus was the flower from where Goddess Laxmi or the Goddess of Wealth was born. Thus it represents birth and beauty. In the Indian context a lotus tattoo hold its special meaning. It is available in many colors like white, pinks, off-white, etc. across several nations on the globe like Asia, Egypt, America, Australia, etc. But no matter where it grows it holds an inner meaning of unfolding inner divine potential and symbolizes two planes of spirituality and physical world.

In modern times tattoo has taken several forms. These days it is not important to have a permanent tattoo. If one wishes to have tattoo lotus flower, then the option for temporary or stick-on tattoos is also available. These tattoos can also be ordered online. These are several tattoo artists that provide flower designs for tattooing on to the body. These can also be downloaded and take to any tattoo parlor.

Several mini forms of tattoo lotus flowers are also available. These are usually used in combination with other tattoos like butterfly tattoo, orchids tattoo, daffodil tattoos, etc. These mini forms are often used to cover any awkward looking birth marks, body scars, blemishes on the skin etc. What more can be more enchanting an eye-catching than a tattoo lotus flower. After the entire tattoo lotus flower stands for tremendous resource for meditation, dream interpretation, creative art, spiritual healing, and esoteric study.

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