Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rose Pencil Drawings

Rose has fascinated human soul since a very long time. It has been depicted in all forms and through all medium wherever human beings had a mode of expression. Rose pencil drawings had been one such medium. Rose pencil drawings have been presented in different forms be it in color or in black and white. Artists have also chosen to express the beauty of rose pencil drawings with the means of other natural forms like butterflies, fairies, other floral designs, etc.

Rose pencil drawings had been a source of inspiration to the tattoo artists as well. These drawings had been the first step in earlier times when tattoo artists used to have various floral forms designed as pencil drawings, from where the patron could take their pick. These days readymade tattoo designs are available and computer designs have taken over the tattoo industry.

There are several techniques involved in creating realistic rose pencil drawings. The first step is to draw an accurate line drawing. The line drawing gives the actual form or shape and finally depicts the beauty of the flower. The proportions of the line drawings need to be as beautiful as possible to ensure a wonderful shape and lay a strong foundation.

Thereafter, the outlines of the shadows need to be drawn in rose pencil drawings. All shapes, shadows, highlights need to be outlined to ensure proper effects and to achieve reality of the picture. If the layers are filled in thereafter, the proper shape, shades and shadows reflect the true image of a rose. The layers can be filled either in black or white or with colored pencils. Whatever may be the color but a true step by step to draw the rose ensures a perfect drawing of the world�s most loved flower.

Pen drawings or pencil drawings like rose pencil drawings are expressed best when drawn smoothly and cleanly. They are expressed the best when done in most relaxed or smooth fashion. Rose pencil drawings have shadows under petals. These shadows are depicted in various forms by different artists. The effects of these shadows are the main reason why some artists are able to have their rose petal drawings depicted in much beautiful fashion than the rest.

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