Saturday, September 12, 2009

Picking Wild Flowers

Picking wild flowers would seem to be an innocent past time of people habituated to bad a carefree life. The brilliant colors of wild flowers grown in the wild would tempt any person to pick them. But picking wild flowers is not easy. This is no paradox since the law of the land would pick a person who would be on the wrong side of it when picking wild flowers. Only wild flowers that are in abundance and exhibit a �weedy� nature need be picked.

Well, what about the issue of picking wild flowers? Doesn�t the law seem strange? In a country that boasts of having a democratic pattern of governance, what is the big deal in not allowing picking wild flowers?

The basic reason is that wild flowers grow on a land that legitimately belongs to a person. So uprooting or destroying wild plant or picking wild flowers like bluebells is an offence since no permission is sought from the owner or occupier of these lands that have these flowers grown on them. It is through these laws that endangered species get protected and the future generation would be able to enjoy the sight of a wild flower blooming majestically and giving out fragrance.

Picking wild flowers for commercialization would really make them extinct. That is how they are seen less. Wild flowers are adaptive to any kind of an environment. They have spread from their nature environment to other parts of the world. Types of soil are no constraint as wild flowers are found in regions that are cold and tropical and from swamps to deserts.

Picking wild flowers is not a good act because wild flowers are used to make perfume as they are aromatic, some have medicinal properties and the petals of some flowers are edible. Wild flowers become the source of sustenance for many birds, insects, mammals like bats and small animals. Picking wild flowers would therefore deprive these creatures of their food. Picking wild flowers are an essential part of it and plants would be prevented from setting seeds and surviving into the future.

Democracy stands for freedom for all, not only human beings but for other species created by nature. The act of picking wild flowers would be an infringement towards their growth. Like everything else, these species need to be protected and tended. The sight and small of these flowers could be alluring but there scarcity should restrain picking wild flowers. There would not be any need for wild life and country side Act to hold people back from picking wild flowers.

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