Friday, September 11, 2009

Pencil Flower Drawings

Flower drawings are favorite among children and grown ups. The attractive and varying shapes tempt one to have them drawn on paper. It is a natural in strict for children to draw the contours of a flower for which they use their imagination, trusting their memory. However, pencil flower drawings have their own visual appeal and there are artists who are skilled in them. With simple tools but not so simple techniques, they come out with a piece that makes one wonder as to how pencils can give rise to such wonderful pencil flower drawings.

As in other activities that call for skills, pencil flower drawings have stages towards learning and then sharpening and honing the skills. In the first stage, conceptualization of thoughts begins. The first strokes translate it as an outline. Further imagination brings to shape. Before the piece gets completed, extra touches are given as to make the pencil flower drawing a cut above the rest, eliciting a �Vow� from the viewer.

How pencil flower drawings begin? For instance, if a rose flower has to be drawn; drawing takes place from the center of the flower, since if is natural for the eye to be drawn to the center of the flower. There is a snag. Small distances and overlapped forms in the center are difficult to judge and a misshaped flower might result. Instead pencil flower drawing could begin from the outside of the flower, looking at the overall proportions. This is followed by the drawing of sensitive lines and trailing off a hire by lifting the pencil and commencing a new time when an over lapping petal begins.

Sketching can also be employed using loose and scribbled marks as also by exaggerating the line weight using both light and heavy pressure to suggest overlapping of petals and foliage in a pencil flower drawing. Short stippled marks could suggest stamens. When the flower is at an angle to the viewer, some petals would look longer and some.

Line drawing is another type of pencil flower shorter drawing. Here the outline is drawn. Filling is done followed by final shaping. Imagination and memory retention are called for. In this way pencil flower drawings get created. Creativity is high when simple resource materials like pencils and paper are used. Usage of pencil flower drawings to cover the wall through framed hangings is well known. Colored pencils would lend color to pencil flower drawings which equally would lend fineness to a room.

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