Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passion Flower

Do insomniacs and persons afflicted with nervousness have a cure? Superficially, the likeliness is less, if not nil. Only such people need to have passion for passion flower. It has earned the nod of the German Commission and other seasoned in the cure of illnesses. That thing like passion flower grown in outdoor places could bring about such relief is indeed laudable.

Passion flower is a medicinal herb that grows naturally. A woody vine with flowers that reminded early pilgrims of the passion and plight of the Christ when he suffered for mankind, passion flower thus derives its name. The plant is a native of the region that is the South east US to Argentina and Brazil.

Passion flower is also referred to as may-pop. It bears small berry-like fruits called water lemon. The aerial plants of the flower are gathered during fruiting season and then dried for future processing. As stated above, conditions of sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, apprehension, unwanted fears and hallucinations get lessened and the effects alleviated with the help of passion flower. It reduces the spasms and depresses the central nervous system Ailments that are of gastro-intestinal in nature also gets treated.

Passion flower works well as relaxation gets effected without addiction becoming a cause of worry. It functions as a mild sedative but does not cause any side effects unlike sleeping pills. Passion flower acts on the central nervous system in a manner that is complex. Hence the tranquilizing effect that gets experienced.

Besides, passion flower have an anti-spasmodic effect on smooth muscles including the digestive system. Thus passion flower promote digestion as well. In short, passion flower works well when taken in suggested doses. However, passion flower works adversely for pregnant women and for small children below two years.

Known to be under the genus of passi flora, passion flower can be grown native or through hybridization. It grows best close to the wall or a fence. It also flourishes best in beds that are dry and well drained besides growing in pots made of clay. Passion flower needs little food if they have large root system and if the soil is fertile. New plants need water daily but established ones require once a week. Availability of water would strengthen them to survive the severe wintry conditions. Passion flower let go of its fruits on to the ground but some are reluctant to give and warrant the removal of fruits is accompanied by changes in color from green to orange, yellow or purple. Most of them are edible but seem toxic.

Passion flower thus do not only cater to the physical joy but also tend to the one�s mental state. Passion flower can be grown, tended and processed. So much of unrest and restiveness grapples today�s world. People are ready to trade anything for a simple eight hour sleep, nervous disorders and digestive imbalances have become common. In such a situation, the role of passion flower in removing all these disorders, and too with no side effects, cannot be underscored.

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